Virtualised Infrastructure Delivery Project

Thursday 2 March 2023

Virtualised Infrastructure Delivery Project

We managed a fast-paced agile delivery project to replace a critical UK infrastructure with a high-end Windows 10 virtualised infrastructure solution.


Development of UK IT infrastructure was required to maintain Geo Intelligence output that was becoming obsolete and unable to operate with ally services and products. The client was required to deliver the project using agile methodology in a compressed timeframe, to ensure that operations were not affected. Initial operating capability had to be achieved in nine months, followed by iterative upgrades while navigating the Ministry of Defence’s approval process within an agile delivery project.


We provided several key roles in the project, including project management, scrum master, systems engineering and DevOps responsibilities.


Our team provided project management, systems engineering and business analysis services across the inter-company team. We integrated with major software vendors and legacy IT services and the overall solution was delivered using virtualised infrastructure allowing the system to be rolled out across several domains, using a common design and security pattern.


We were an integral part of the project and the wider team, adapting to the client’s needs, and ensuring the capability delivered was operationally effective. The project was delivered during the pandemic and a separate virtual system was developed to sandbox the on-going development and maintain the project progress.