Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) for Logiq Consulting Ltd

Thursday 2 March 2023

Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) for Logiq Consulting Ltd

We provided DCO CSS to the Cyber Delivery Team in MOD Corsham. Providing P3M consultancy services on MOD Approvals, writing statement of requirements and undertaking governance reviews.


Our client faced challenges with an under resourced and inexperienced Crown Servant team who required assistance in meeting obligations to deliver Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO). The DCO Programme operates under the Government Digital Services (GDS) Agile Delivery Methodology, delivering new or improved functionality to end users on a three-monthly basis, via a delaminated service construct.


We were briefed to solve several challenges for the DCO programme, including renewing their main delivery contract – the largest in their history, at a value of £55million across four years; enabling a proof of concept to move from on premise data centres to cloud technology; management of all DCO deployed assets and maintaining the programme’s approval through an annual business case.


Our team was responsible and accountable for the delivery of business cases, options analysis, competition execution and contract management, as well as high-level technical design documents in relation to the move to cloud technology.

We were an integral part of the programme’s quarterly discovery phases and assisted end users to write use-cases and user stories. We led engagements with the scrutiny communities on behalf of the programme to ensure a smooth approvals path for the annual business case.

These activities were undertaken as part of a consortium of companies, as part of which we held a management role in.


We have continually delivered outcomes on behalf of the programme to allow the MOD to continue to reduce their overall cyber risk. Many of our consultants have been commended for their high-calibre work through the feedback process.