Helping you understand and overcome the challenges of the environment, strategic change, competitors, and technological transformation through in-depth research, analysis and expertise.

Reliable, focused, and timely research and analysis assists policymakers and leaders to drive change and as the world becomes more complex, understanding the international environment is pivotal to better decision-making. The characteristics of the Digital Age force the combining of traditional and contemporary approaches to ensure that research across people, processes, and technology domains are synchronised, effective and targeted. Original research, in-depth analysis, and clear strategic direction are the fundamental components needed to achieve this.

Our Services

We provide expert, independent insights on contemporary and future defence and security issues. Our work is rigorous, evidence-based, and original. Our analytical outputs are clear and concise. We can supplement your existing resources, fill gaps in expertise, or help you challenge current assumptions. Our services are focused on four areas:

  • Social science research
  • Environmental analysis and trends
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Strategy development

Our social sciences research focuses on developing methodologies, tools, and techniques and applying them through mixed methods research to answer key questions. Our environmental analysis and trends work provides original views of geopolitics, operating environments, defence markets, and military capabilities to increase client’s awareness and understanding. Our behavioural analysis work incorporates organisational design and behavioural science to reveal new insights and make recommendations for change. Our work on strategy development includes working with clients on achieving their long-term goals through the development of approaches, objectives, and suitable measures, each built upon a strong foundation of research and analysis.

About Us

Our team brings together doctoral-level academic research training with decades of experience in the defence, security, and international sectors. We offer expertise in the fields of Communications, information security, cyber-security, organisational behaviour, International Relations, strategic studies, and military history. Our experts are internationally recognised for their work. They have presented at top-tier conferences, been invited to sit on expert panels, provide insights on niche and complex problems, and combine academic rigour with industry pace and practice.