PSIT AIC Project Management for CGI

Thursday 2 March 2023

PSIT AIC Project Management for CGI

Our team provided key Project Management and Systems Engineering Management services into the government-led project as part of the wider support to the PSIT client friend role.


Defence aircraft operating in civilian airspace must be compliant with the EC legislation that defines standards for Aeronautical Information (AI) and Aeronautical Data (AD) in accordance with Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle.

The UK is critically dependent on existing IT based capability for management and production of Military Aeronautical Information Publication (Mil AIP). The existing capability was non-compliant with new European Commission Regulations for handling and processing AI and AD.

Continuing with the existing capability would have led to UK Military being denied access to the Single European Skies (SES). The delivery of the project within the time, cost and performance envelope of approvals was essential to maintaining critical UK Military operations.


A team was required to assist the client with defining and understanding their requirements (functional, non-functional and cyber), analysing procurement options, and contracting a suitable supplier.


We were a fundamental part of the delivery team, providing key Project Management and Systems Engineering individuals and services to the UK government to assist them with the task. This required managing a multi-skilled team from various industry partners, ensuring that the client was satisfied with the project progression.


Along with Atkins, the role our team provided in supporting the UK government was critical to the project’s success. We attracted significant praise for the leadership skills we demonstrated, ensuring the stakeholder community performed to the highest level, gaining maximum performance scores from the UK government for several months.