MOD Cost Approval Team (CAT) Support

Thursday 2 March 2023

MOD Cost Approval Team (CAT) Support

Our team provided assurance and approval recommendations of business cases submitted by CAT A and CAT B Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) programmes and projects.


This project covered the short-term assessment of the cost, risk, uncertainty and schedule forecasts by a variety of delivery teams in order to judge their business case credibility which was being considered by the Approval Authorities.

The main challenge for the CAT team was the volume of approvals required in considerably short timescales at a key point of the approval process.


Our team was involved with cost estimate review, cost risk assessment, cost modelling and schedule analysis, and to make recommendations on each business case submitted and the supporting evidence provided, along with a RAG (red, amber, green) scoring system to enable us to advise Senior Managers within DE&S.


Each submission was modelled and assessed for its alignment with the requirements for a project business case at the gateway it was submitted against. Advice was given in terms of scrutiny and assurance and advice was also provided to the DTs submitting the business case to help them improve their submissions and to establish a better rapport for the future.


We improved the assurance and approval output for complex and difficult programme approvals within the CAT organisation.