Geospatial IT Assessment Phase Approvals

Thursday 2 March 2023

Geospatial IT Assessment Phase Approvals

We were tasked to produce the cost and schedule modelling analysis required to get a critical Cat B programme run by ImageDT in ISS, MOD through Main Gate Business Case approvals.


The UK is critically dependent on existing IT capability for access to satellite reconnaissance imagery and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) output. This capability was due to reach End of Life (EoL) from 2016 which, in combination with fundamental technical changes within partner nations, would have caused significant degradation to the UK’s GEOINT capability. The assessment phase project had the remit to deliver continuity of operations by delivering and supporting refreshed and newly designed GEOINT equipment.


We were required to produce the schedule, cost and risk analysis required to satisfy the approvals process for a Main Gate Business Case. This involved a period working with supplier organisations, UK and US cost and schedule SMEs (CAAS and CEBA) to develop a robust and accurate time and cost envelope for the project.


We provided a project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) consultant with extensive experience of producing schedule, costs, and risk analysis. The consultant worked with members of the client and consortium to successfully pass the Main Gate Business Case stage and enabled the client to progress into an industry competition and delivery phase. We were part of a team including CGI, Qinetiq and Atkins.


Our contribution to the project was fundamental for getting approval of the Main Gate Business Case. Our team was adept at providing deep analytic and statistical knowledge and successfully engaged and briefed senior stakeholders.