Commercial Framework recommendations

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Commercial Framework recommendations

Our client was investigating Commercial Frameworks as potential routes to market and engaged our team and Kaze Consulting to provide advice on potential operating models and potential risks.


Our client was investigating routes to market in the defence sector and was seeking to position themselves to win places on future frameworks. They had limited knowledge of a particular framework and sought our expertise to help inform and shape their thinking.


Our client had conducted their assessment of the marketplace and competition and had developed an operating model that they wished to put to test through an independent evaluation. Along with the team at Kaze Consulting, we had unique knowledge of the frameworks in question and were asked to provide our expertise input into their approach.

Firstly, we were asked to review the client’s proposed Target Operating Model (TOM) and provide our opinion on its suitability. Secondly, we were briefed to assess the client’s proposed approach for risk, and to provide recommendations and advice on how to implement an approach that minimised the risk to them as prime contractor.


We conducted a series of workshops, one to ones, and interviews with the client procurement team so that we could understand their proposed approach and exactly what they were looking for. We collaborated with the team at Kaze on the development of a report and presentation that captured our assessment and shared our recommendations for the client.


Our advice was incorporated into future iterations of the client’s Operating Model. At the time of writing, the competition winners have yet to be announced, but our client was successful in being selected to the ITT stage. Our practical and professional approach and pragmatic advice was appreciated.