Project Controls Service Offering

Thursday 2 March 2023

Project Controls Service Offering

We can use specialists in their field to bring honest, pragmatic & high-quality analysis & advice to your acquisition, procurement, proposal or single source regulated environment.

We offer Project Control Specialists covering Cost, Risk, Schedule & Strategic Advice to aid Project Managers and Defence Contractors. We provide management with the information they need to support key decisions through the quantification and analysis of portfolio/programme/project data.

We achieve this through the following services:

  • Cost Modelling, Negotiation, & Assurance
  • Risk Management, Audits & Analysis
  • Schedule Planning and Integrated Scheduling


  • Save Budget, Management Reserve and Elapsed Time
  • Minimise re-work
  • Reach delivery phase fast, rapidly pass through gate reviews and cost audits

We have experienced SMEs from MOD and Industry who provide:

  • Knowledge of MoD Project Controls, Assurance Requirements & Approvals Processes
  • Latest PC techniques brought to bear
  • Significant cost savings can be made by the use of the right personnel
  • Experience of MoD Pricing Requirements
  • Estimating & Pricing Industry QDCs & competitive proposals