Rob has over 10 years’ experience in the Royal Marines, specialising in the analysis of Cyber and Electro Magnetic Activity (CEMA) data. Over this period, he has had the opportunity to work at every level of the intelligence cycle, finishing his military career as the leader of a highly skilled team of analysts, working at the apex of unique operational complexity.

Having been responsible for the regeneration of a critical capability, Rob is accustomed to working with stakeholders across the MOD, Government, and corporate spectrum. Developing a ‘shared vision’ between stakeholders is at the heart of Rob’s approach and his experience of delivering successful outcomes, often in agile, complex, and challenging environments; makes him highly adaptable when things don’t go quite to plan.

At home, Rob likes to spend most of his time with his wife and two sons. His very finite spare time is often spent lycra clad while riding his bike up and down the hills of Plymouth, reading, or playing guitar. Albeit not very well!