With a history of delivering engineering projects in highly regulated environments such as Oil & Gas combined with recent work leading business change projects with Defence, Kevin has a unique skillset. This allows him to adapt to a wide range of scenarios, being equally happy dealing with technical or business aspects as well as enjoying stakeholder management.

Kevin’s most recent role has seen him leading a wide-ranging business change project within the Electronic Warfare space. The aims were to bring new thinking, technology and business practices to revolutionise the space. Kevin worked to develop an Agile approach to delivery that still satisfied the rigorous governance and auditability required. This new way of working for MoD brought its own challenges, which was fantastic LfE that Kevin can bring back to the Defence space in future projects.

Outside of work Kevin is a man of many hobbies and not enough time to do them all! He loves getting outside to run, cycle and paddleboard as well as snowboarding in the winter. He’s also creative, playing bass in local bands.